Motion-Sensor Lights

Typically used in exterior buildings and homes, these can be a great addition for the inside of your common areas though they are most cost-effective for high-traffic buildings such as condo lobbies and hallways. In addition to providing security, they have the added advantage of being modified for your sensitivity so you can control how well they respond. These function are similar to occupancy sensitive lights however occupancy-based lights do not rely solely on motion and therefore are more sensitive to presence. 


Dimmer Light Control System

This is a build-up on typical switches which use an ON-OFF function, it controls light emission so you can make light dimmer or brighter depending on your need and therefore conserve your energy as needed. Using a dimmer system control can ensure you are not always using full strength lighting. The typical household alternating current (AC) can be modelled by a fluctuating wave. The dimmer essentially manipulates this wave in a way that lessens the energy the bulb gets and causes it to ‘dim’.  Make sure your lightbulb and fixture are both dimmable as not all light fittings are dimmable. The dimmer switch and its load range should be compatible with the bulb. 


Timed/Timer-Set Lights

Similar to the retrofits mentioned above, these also involve controlling how much light is used in your home and include a set-point that you can control yourself, based on your personal preferences and needs, to shut off a light as needed. Not to mention, you don’t need to leave our bed to shut them - they shut automatically after a bit!  In addition, timing control could be installed. Both programmable digital timers and manual timers can be used with compatible LED, CFL, and incandescent lighting.