In residential building settings, oftentimes there is one meter that

accounts for the building's use of energy. This means the energy

total cost would be divided amongst the number of residents within

the building. The sub-metering concept looks at tailoring residents'

energy expenses according to how much energy they use over

the specific billing period. This can allow residents to monitor their

energy consumption rates and potentially lead them to figure out

ways in which they can reduce their energy consumption costs. 

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Ontario Utility Regulations allow sub-metering for electricity only, gas or water sub metering is not allowed. Any person wishing to engage in unit sub-metering may not do so without a license, as stated in the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998. It is important to consult Ontario's RTA (Residential Tenancies Act) before starting any program. 

To enact an electricity suite metering program, the owner is required to reduce the tenant's rent by an appropriate amount. There are guidelines within the RTA which states "reducing the an amount that accounts for the total cost of electricity consumption and related costs." Two formulas can be used for calculating rent reductions:

Method 1 - Actual Consumption

  • Based on actual electricity costs for the unit for the previous 12-month period

  • Adjusted by vacant months during the 12-month period

  • Added additional charges and taxes for the following 12-month period (calculated based on actual electricity consumed for the 12-month period

  • If using this method, the same formula must be used for determining minimum rent reduction for all units in the building

Method 2 - Estimated Unit Consumption

  • Estimated based on total building costs for the last 12 months, divided by each unit based on square footage

  • Added additional charges and taxes for the following 12-month period (calculated based on estimated electricity consumed for the 12-month period)

  • If using this method, method 1 can be used for other units in a building (consent given at a later date when actual consumption data available)

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