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Our mission is to empower residents and homeowners by providing resources, information on grants and knowledge on building retrofits.

Want to start a building retrofit but not sure where to begin? 

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What is a retrofit?

Retrofitting, in the concept of buildings, refers to adding new or replacing existing features that can improve your building performance. This can refer to different things depending on the kind of building you live in and depending on what your priority area is.

What are the benefits?

We have all experienced both extremes of the Canadian weather and we know how much of our energy is spent on heating and cooling our homes every single year. In addition to increased GHG emissions (by 2014, upto 20% of GHG emissions in Canada were from buildings), this translates into a direct and indirect monetary cost for everyone.  We pay more in energy bills and we will be paying more in the future for health costs and for access to limited sources. It is important to act now!


Building retrofits can save you significant annual expenses and can also help to improve your indoor air quality. To find more information about benefits associated with specific retrofits, please refer to the Retrofits tab and choose whatever building component you’d like to get started with.

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There are many grants available to help you with your project finances.

Who We Are

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We understand that there are a lot of resources and funds available for people looking to retrofit therefore we have streamlined knowledge, funding, and resources on urban retrofitting in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Whether you rent or own, live in a single family home or a multi-residential building; this website is for you to learn more about retrofitting.

It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live

Dalai Lama 

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